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You are truly a man of God. I really appreciate everything you've done. Everything you've said was right on. May the Lord continue to bless you and prosper you. Thanks Mark, once again.

Edwin G.
I don't think I will EVER be able to thank you for the amount of kindness you have shown me! Honestly, I am beyond touched at how transparent, and thorough your message was. ... I will be recommending your counsel to so many individuals I trust. YOU ARE A SUCH A WONDERFUL MAN OF GOD! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Renee S.
Wow, I'm crying happy tears. Soooo obviously, completely personalized, and genuinely makes sense, and gives me hope and confirmation in every aspect!!! This is a huge answer to my prayer in many ways. I instantly sensed you were genuine, and your softer, tender voice in YouTube made me comfortable. Thank you for blessing me and also it's great knowing you are a true prophet.

Miriam M.
Thank you for taking time to seek the Lord regarding the questions that I presented. I thank God for your accuracy, your outstanding connection. The ability to comment on the (removed for privacy) and not understand what it is or what the circumstances were surrounding it is definitely from God.

Quinton R.
Mark- God lead me to you and you certainly spoke straight into my heart and your words are helping me see things I couldn’t see or maybe didn’t want to see about myself before. Thank you for sharing from the heart.

Terry V.
I feel better because of your word and I think it's accurate. ... I felt like you understood what I was going through because even I can't understand it. May God bless you and thanks.

Pauline M.
Wow! Words cannot adequately express the joy I am feeling right now as I receive this Word of the LORD with great expectation! This is indeed what I wanted and more importantly needed to hear.

Prophet Mark, thank you immensely. You are truly a vessel worthy of honor. Thank you for your integrity and your willingness to pray for me and seek the LORD for clarity and accuracy. I needed this Word and I will remember it when the days get tougher.

Rhonda M.
Thank you Mark for seeking the Lord on my behalf. The word from the Lord is very inspiring to me and it motivates me to go deeper into prayer and reading and meditating on God's word. Your prophecy, I believe to be very on point and lines up with what God has been trying to show me.

Vanessa B.
A million thanks for your time and sensitivity to the Spirit of God!!!! Very timely and inspirational and of course very encouraging word from GOD. May God continue to use you mightily in his Kingdom.

Louie R.
Mark's prophetic words are kinda like Jesus's parables. It may take you a minute to figure out what he's saying but what he says is accurate and true. Speaking as a prophetess, Mark cares about the people he ministers to and he tries his best to give to them exactly what God is saying. He's a true prophet.

Sherry N.
Words can't express how immensely grateful I am to you for seeking the face of God on my behalf. Thank you for your sacrifice. To know God's mind and some revelation concerning my situation brings great peace. These words from God give me the guidance, wisdom, and peace to keep moving forward ... God richly bless you and the ministry. I will never forget this.

Grace E.
Mark gave me a word about a month ago that I've come back to over and over again, and each time I see more confirmation with what is happening in my life. It was relevant when I received it, and it continues to be relevant even today -- even more so, it seems, as I come to see the events of my life in light of what Mark prophesied. It fits with other words I've gotten, and is helping me to believe some of the more outlandish things in those words, because God confirms everything with two or three witnesses. I absolutely recommend Mark's prophetic ministry to anyone who needs to hear from the Lord.

Michael G.
I have been blessed by the prophetic ministry that God has given Mark! I believe it is a truly anointed ministry and has proven to be very accurate. Mark carries a love for God's people and desire to see them walk closer with the Lord. I am very thankful for his prophetic voice in this hour. God bless you!

Michael M.
Mark is an awesome prophet who hears from God. When I was going through difficult situations he was accurate with what was happening with my life and the right direction to go in. I never told him what was happening during a court case but the Lord spoke through him and gave me the result before it even happened. It gave me hope and excitement. Mark has given very accurate prophetic words to me several times and I am very thankful for him.

Audrey B.

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