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If there is a hallmark of my life and ministry, it has to be my desire to see people live free, and receive all that God has for them. Freedom in Christ is the essence of every teaching I deliver, every prayer I pray, and every word I convey when ministering to people's needs. I very much desire to see people, and the Church, grow, mature, and become all that God intends for them to be.

Pursuing God and living for Him has been my number one focus for quite some time. After having walked a long and difficult road few have chosen to travel, I've built an intimate relationship with God that I treasure above all else. And, as is often the case, going through trying times can allow us to see more clearly -- and so has it been for me. Through the trials and tribulations God has taught me many things and allowed me to see beyond much of the haze and confusion of life. My hope is to share what God has given me with whomever will listen.

Though I'm not one for titles, and have no desire to draw attention to myself, my official call and ordination is that of prophet. Having walked in the office of prophet for a number of years, I've ministered to many different people -- prophetically and otherwise. I've also served under a few different prophetic ministries, and held several different ministerial positions including: meeting leader, mentor, teacher, board member, and director of an international ministry.

While I can write message after message to minister to others, this page -- the "About Mark" page -- is the hardest for me to write. However, I hope this very terse synopsis gives you an idea of who I am, but most of all, where my heart is at.

Thank you for visiting my web site, and may God bless you richly!

Mark Moyers

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