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Remembering our soldiers who gave their life so that we could live free. Lord bless them, their families, their descendents -- and bless this nation, and bring us back to you.

Lord, bless those who have had their lives and homes uprooted by the tornadoes that have come upon Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Restore all that has been stolen from them, seven fold. Comfort those who morn, and give peace to those who have lost loved ones. Show yourself strong in this situation, and let Your Glory shine in the hearts, minds and eyes of everyone involved. In Jesus Name we pray and agree. Amen!

What has God given you to do? Focus on Him and the work He has for you at this time.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, It isn't often that I publicly share the things that the Lord speaks to me about the world we live in, but I feel there is something He wants me to release. Tomorrow, May 2nd, is our national day of prayer here in the United States, so it is appropriate that these be released at this time that we might all pray concerning what the Lord is saying. The Lord showed me the plan of the enemy -- a plan to isolate, subjugate and perhaps even eliminate particular cross-sections of people from this nation. Be it religious affiliation, political affiliation, race, age (old or young), ability (or lack thereof), or health status -- there is a plan to come against certain cross-sections of people. Even looking with human eyes this plan is evident, but it is far more dug in and closer to fruition than most might imagine. Currently it is being held back by the Spirit of God, but the Lord said it is only "seconds" away from spreading, in His estimation of time. And if it is allowed to spread, the Church will suffer great loss because of it. The plans of the enemy can be dismantled if we pray. The Lord is at work, but so is the enemy. And at this time there is one most important issue we need to pray about... Heart issues. If you understand authority, then you know why heart issues are so important. If it were not for heart issues, corruption could not enter in. If it were not for heart issues, people would not reject and turn away from other people. If it were not for heart issues, people would not be blind to the truth. It is heart issues the Lord is working on, and so should we. Pray that the hearts of people be changed and turned towards God and righteousness. Pray that people's hearts are opened to God, that their eyes are opened to see right from wrong, and that their ears be opened to hear God's Word. It is only by changing people's hearts that we will see our nation, and the world, set right. Change people's hearts, change the world.

Lord, we come against attacks to our country, both foreign and domestic. We command the plans and schemes of the enemy to be revealed, and we command each and every terrorist to be uncovered, discovered, and brought to justice. We release your angels to protect your children, Father. We speak healing to those injured, and comfort to the families of the injured and the lost. In Jesus Name we pray and agree. Amen.


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