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Has God ever given you a promise and told you that it's going to happen soon?  If so, you may have discovered that God's definition of "soon" doesn't always coincide with ours.  If you've experienced this, allow me to shed some light on why this can happen.  Simply put, when God uses the word "soon," He isn't always referring to a specific measurement of time.  Sometimes He's referring to a measurement of events, or steps.  You see, when God promises us something, He's often giving us a goal to aim for.  And as with any goal there are going to be steps we must take to get there.  In the case of God's promises, sometimes spiritual growth is required.  Sometimes we need our thoughts or our beliefs changed.  Sometimes our heart even needs a bit of a tune-up.  Whatever the case may be, God's promises may only be two or three steps away -- which is pretty soon as far as fulfillment is concerned.  However, the length of time it takes to advance through these steps is often dependent on us.  If we resist, we extend the time it takes to see fulfillment.  If we cooperate, the time is shortened.  This is why it's so critical to know God's personal direction for your life, and focus on what He wants you to do, and to be, at this very moment.  If God has given you a promise, then you have things you need to do in order to get there.  And regardless of what steps may be before you, ultimately they are about coming into alignment with God in spirit, in thought, in heart, and in action.  Jeremiah 18

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