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I've spent a lot of time learning to discern God's voice from other voices.  In doing so, one thing I learned was just how monumentally important it is for us to not add to His word -- written or otherwise.  While many of us desire to hear God speak, or understand His word better, we must make every effort to avoid adding to it.  If we don't, when proven false, these additions will cause people harm.  Some will be left disappointed and disheartened.  Some will mistakenly wonder why God failed them.  And some will even become jaded or fall away.  I've seen it happen, and many will never return to God.  Don't allow it to happen to you, and be certain not to bring it upon others.  There are (at least) three major mistakes people make when discerning God's voice and direction -- learn to recognize and avoid them.  #1 - Taking Gods word to its logical conclusion: We may believe we can complete God's word, or deduce His next step, but we can't.  God doesn't follow our logic.  If He didn't make it known, leave it blank.  #2 - Finding similarities or correlations: God often builds upon His previous words.  However, for us to search for correlations to build upon His word is a mistake.  Instead, let God make His word known.  #3 - Deriving a word from circumstance: God's inspiration should come prior to thoughts, feelings, or circumstance.  If it doesn't, we may be doing it backwards.  Be certain you're hearing, not dictating.  Sometimes it's a fine line we have to walk, and we need to be very aware of ourselves and our thought processes.  Be sure assumptions don't taint God's word, and wait for proper confirmations from God.  Proverbs 30:5-6 (NIV) Every word of God is flawless ... Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar.

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