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Some say the Bible is out of date and no longer relevant for today.  Well, consider this: The Bible tells us...  ...not to steal from others (Exodus 20:15) ...not to lie about others (Exodus 20:16) ...not to murder one another (Exodus 20:13) ...to love one another (Mark 12:31) ...to treat each other with respect (Romans 12:10) ...to defend the poor, abused and oppressed (Isaiah 1:17) ...and that we're stronger together than we are apart (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)  If you don't like people stealing your things, lying about you, or trying to kill you... if you want to be loved, and have people come to your aid when you need help... then maybe the Bible isn't so out of date after all.  But also, if you don't like these things, then don't be too quick to write off the other parts of the Bible -- the parts that you may not understand or agree with -- because this is what the thieves, liars and murderers do.

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